Yep, that's about how I feel, lol! I'm not even sure why with all I have to be thankful for such as.....4 days until my oldest turns 28 (wow!), 14 days until we have Thanksgiving Dinner with the kids because.....in 17 days we leave to be sitting on the sidewalk in NYC watching this!

And not to mention, Christmas is just 48 days away...and I've done just a little shopping =)

So why you ask am I experiencing a blog funk?! Well...first, I don't like how my blog looks. I switched to WordPress but quickly reverted to Blogger. I have so much digital scrapbooking elements and papers so not sure why I can't settle down and create my own template. But I need to VERY soon. There has been lots going on around here and my camera hasn't been just hanging in my 'cubby' but I can't seem to find time to pull in pictures and keep ya'all up to date.

So, don't give up on me....I promise to focus soon. This will be a busy, short week AND an exciting weekend. Our first wine trail tour, Party Bus style, ha! With lots to share and a focus on design, I have a goal for this week.

Have a GREAT week everyone!


  1. I LOVE the new blog look! have fun at the Parade...we were going to go this year BUT it's just too much trouble finding someone to watch the pups and find kid friendly hotels, etc. etc. Good luck on your catching up, I've got loads to do myself! :)

  2. OMG! Thanks for feeling my pain =) I was feelin' kinda lonely but now you made me feel better, ha! I understand totally the whole 'animal' setting. We have goats and a ewe that is now pregnant but between my parents and other 4H'er's, we are good =) How's life up North!? I wish we lived closer, we would SO be friends. I need support, lol!