Yes, I totally FAIL! I promised I would have some pics up and an update from the parade and here it is Sunday night and NOTHING =(. Sorry. So here's the deal....while it was just a little chilly, we had WONDERFUL weather ALL weekend =) Thanksgiving morning it was in the mid 30's and the toughest part was waiting for the parade but once it started (didn't hit where we were until around 9:30) it was all OK. Ronnie was sending pics to Ashley's phone for Kayden to see and of course if she were there, this one would be her absolutely FAV -
and here's the highlights (or at least what I thought were the best =) -
It was totally worth the cold and wait and I think Chase and Cierra would definitely agree. There's just something about experiencing the parade in person. Once the parade was over, we headed back towards the bus depot. Hmmm...that in itself was interesting but that will have to be tomorrow's post =) Thanks for being patient with me =)

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