The 'return' ride -

Once the parade was over we wanted to warm up, we wanted to grab a bite to eat and we wanted to head back to enjoy our "2nd Thanksgiving dinner". Hmmm where do we start. Chase decided he wanted to shop for some shoes (NO idea where he gets that from) so while he shopped, Ronnie searched on his phone app for someplace to eat.
(check out all the trash.....so sad). Ronnie did notice a lady that appeared to be upset and come to find out, she had lost her son. She was an 'older' lady and her son was 62. Evidently somewhat challenged. Regardless, he was lost in NYC. She spoke with a police officer who notified others but we're not sure how that ended up. Of course we are hopeful that the story had a happy ending. Anyway, NO ONE else was thinking it was a good idea to grab lunch, lol so we headed back to the bus terminal to grab food there and find our way back to 319 which is where we were told to board.
Ummm looks like we missed the bus - oh well, one should be coming soon (we hope). Guess we will just have to check out the sites.....we listened to a lady read to her cat -
we were entertained by a pidgeon, ha!
but still no bus. Soon, lack of sleep was catching up with some of us -
while other's entertained themselves =)
and I just took pictures. But soon - our ride arrived and off we went -
and boy was I glad she was driving!
An hour and 15 minutes later (she said she had dinner plans, lol), we pulled into the Toms River terminal -
Wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving...
Now it's time to fry the turkey! But, all jokes aside the bus ride was the easiest way to go. It cost us $167 for the five of us, round trip. It was convenient, dropping us off right at 42nd street, no parking hassle or NYC driving. We would definitely do it again. We enjoyed our turkey and this time, thanks to Damian, we fried some potatoes/fries. Very yummy. Some with old bay and some plain.
another perfect meal -
and everyone was happy =)
check back for our "Black Friday" excursion!

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