HAPPY Thanksgiving!

For the past year we have been planning our excursion to NYC to celebrate 2011 Thanksgiving and honestly it's taken just about that long to figure it all out. Here was our plan - camp about 1 hour from NYC and drive into the city 'very' early Thanksgiving morning to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Hmmm.....easier said than done. But, after a few months of calls and some coordination we did actually pull it off. First challenge - finding a 'full hook-up' campground in what's considered 'winter' in the North. Check. This place had it all....
Next challenge was figuring out how we would make it into the 'City' on Thanksgiving Day. Hmm...bus or ferry. Again, after some detailed research we opted for the bus. After two phone calls I was informed to just 'show up' that morning to purchase tickets. Really?! Regardless, we left Wednesday morning and made it to the campground around 3. We got set up and for those of you that know me, you know anytime I'm doing something I haven't done before, I have to make a trial run. Shew....good thing we did! We headed out and of course, got lost. After paying a toll, did find our way here....
And, it's a REALLY good thing! Why you ask? Because when I inquired about a ticket, I was told they are closed tomorrow (which is Thanksgiving which mean NO TICKETS for us, ha)!. Reallly? I must have talked to 3 different people and was never told this ;( Oh well. We purchased our tickets for the 5:15 a.m. bus. So, spaghetti for dinner, showers then in bed early. But not without Cierra painting her nails, lol!
and Chase setting his alarm, lol
But eventually, we all went to sleep and were up and ready to hit the road by 4:30 a.m....oh my. Of course, making sure we boarded the right bus.....
And....we arrived in the city safe and sound well before the parade. Starbucks was just perfect =)
then we hit McDonalds for some actual 'food' -
then off to find our 'perfect' spot to await the whole reason we are here - and yep....preparations are underway. The lightposts are all out of the way =)
and now we just wait...
check back tomorrow.....to see how our day unfolded =)

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