Saying goodbye -

Even before Irene, we had plans to come back to the beach for Labor Day. It was to be a family affair, with no 'extra' friends; just a relaxing weekend just to send Summer out and start talking about Fall.

Well.....the 'no friends' rule didn't work out. Cierra (and Chase) asked to bring along Damian and we agreed that it would be fun for us all =)

With everyone picked up from school, we headed toward the Eastern Shore. Remember, it IS Labor Day and we're not the only ones that wanted to hit the beach -

It honestly wasn't too bad. This back up ended up being an accident then we hit another right at the Severn bridge BUT we breezed across the Bay Bridge...so fast that it was hard to get this picture -

our timing was perfect! In all our years traveling across the bridge, we have never seen one of these freighter ships going under while we're crossing. Yep, seen tons of them on the horizon but never one up close and personal.

This caught my eye, too - someone actually hoping to have Irene help demolish their building, lol!

After our traditional stop at Lombardi's, we arrived at our destination. It was dark but here's what greeted us -

Gotta love it!

The guys got to work -

and within an hour, we were unpacked, unboarded and all settled in for a GREAT weekend....bring it on!

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