Next Chapter -

The lifts are empty -

and the deck is bare -

The sun is starting to set but tonight we won't get to see it from our favorite place, we'll more than likely see if while heading over the bay bridge. But, we had an awesome weekend! We packed just about as much in three days as possible and Ronnie and I agree that this is the first time we have been to the boardwalk every night we were here =) We found a new hideout. Away from the crowd but still within view of this -

Our own little space near the end of the beach - Just big enough for two but high above the sea, haha!

Yep, every night we were able to climb up and just chill out while the kids strolled the boardwalk!

We did sneak off one night and grab some fries =)

a little bit of salt and a LOT of vinegar...yum!

And speaking of YUM -
FINALLY! We haven't made it to The Fractured Prune all summer but did today!

Then of course we headed for one last bike ride on the boards and later found out that starting today there is no time limit....you can ride all day. Geez and of course Chase wanted to keep riding =)

The jet skis came home with us which meant a nice little ride to the beach/ramp -

And then just a few hours more on the beach - and the ocean was still wicked today with a very visible rip current. These two were determined once again though...

Which definitely made me nervous again especially when I thought Chase looked stressed when he couldn't get in on a wave BUT then I saw this -

And was certain he was heading out....he had his eye right on them but luckily they were able to get in without his help. Shew...

Finally they opted to stay in close to the shore even though I know it's boring, ha!

Check this out - just to give you an example....

See the 'pool' of pretty deep water then the drop off where the waves are actually crashing?! This lady is standing below the drop off, in water which is only up to her knees but because of the 'break', it looks like it's a lot deeper. The 'pool' was flowing pretty fast right down the shore and into the ocean like a river which was causing the rip tide. It was very obvious as to the power this water had.
And check out where the lifeguard stand is -

They are typically back in the dry sand but this weekend he wanted to be 'up close and personal' with the swimmers...these storms are playing havoc with the sea, that's for sure.

I like these little birds - sand pipers. We don't usually see them.

We cleaned up, packed up and headed out....gonna be a long drive home, already hearing about a 9 mile back-up but it's all worth it. It was a good weekend in OC!

So we're closing this chapter and moving right into Fall. Luckily Fall does hold a trip to the beach in just 4 weeks - Yay!

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  1. Oh how I yearn for a trip to the beach. I haven't been to a beach in 3 1/2 years! someday...