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Of course, I believe everything happens for a reason which is why I loved the sermon on Sunday. So, here's the scoop. We have not been to church very much at all this Summer. That doesn't mean we are any less of a Christian. Trust me. I still read the bible, my daily devotions, thank God each morning for another day and pray.

Sunday Cierra was Litigurist which meant we would attend church. We are proud of her and she always does such a nice job. As the sermon started, it was around dog obedience school. Then cats. Then the 'meat' of sermon. I'm very glad we were there. I truly believe God put us in the pew for a reason and as I listened, I felt better because to be honest, while I have NEVER questioned whether there is a GOD, I do sometimes wish I could tattle.

Pastor Joanna talked about those people that come to church; dress like a Christian; look like a Christian; talk like a Christian and 'act' like a Christian yet in some ways, are FAR from a true Christian. I know people like that. People that dress, look, talk, and act in all the right, Christian like ways on the surface but behind the scenes (backs) are far from Christians.

We work hard, and earn (truly earn) an 'honest' living, facing our own turmoils yet we believe where there's a will, there's a way. We are not by any means perfect but do try to treat others the way we want to be treated (within reason). I believe that judgement should be left for "Judgement Day". And, like I said, sometimes I get stuck in wanting to 'tattle' to God when we know people are deceitful and untruthful. Sunday's sermon was very clear: you can't run and you can't hide. God knows and for that I give thanks and believe.

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