Of ALL times -

to not have my big camera...urgh!

Saturday night Chase went to a birthday party. It seemed to come up at the last minute and I never saw an invitation, hmmm. So we drove him there and when we pulled into the driveway, there was only one car. Because I didn't know these people, I went up to the door with him and introduced myself to the Mom. She said the kids were down stairs and he should be picked up no later than 9.

Around 8:55 we arrive to pick him up. Still only one car in the driveway so we ring the doorbell. Very quiet. The house is dark. Suddenly Ronnie said he heard kids out back so we head around the side. Next we see two boys. Ok, feeling better..Chase wasn't the only boy. The boys looked worried....so we said "hey, we're Chase's parents and we're cool", lol. Well, that must be true because the next thing we know, about 10 kids come running! It ends up there were over 40 kids at this party. Shew...glad it was them and not me, haha.

I wanted a picture but only had my pocket camera. I ran to the car and got it and without even asking, several of them came to the fence and started posing, ha! One little girl said "am I going to be on your web-site?" So I asked how she knew about the blog. She said Chase had showed her so now she looks every day. I'm honored to have such young fans (smile). The best thing is that it was her birthday party so Miss Kylee....this is for you! (sorry the pic is not the best).and here's some of the group being silly. They did make us laugh after such a sad day..Of course I have to show one of Chase and Lexi although he's going to be mad since it's not a 'great' picture....and then there's the girls -What we wouldn't give to be 12 again....

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