Believe -

Yes, you know that I truly believe everything happens for a reason, right? Monday was a perfect example....

I got up extra early, headed to the airport for an early flight to South Carolina for another week of work. Traffic was heavy not only on Route 9 but also on the Toll Road. Parking was minimal which meant I had to park pretty far from the walk-way and check-in was backed up. All this equals....yep, you got it - missing my flight. Urgh!

But...while I'm waiting for the next flight I get to witness flags being hung, decorations being placed by a specific gate and a banner being hung....what was all the fuss over? Well, you know me - I had to ask. Here's what I learned....during the week of Veteran's Day flights come into gate Z9 bringing Veterans in to go into DC and tour the area - specifically the World War II Memorial. Wow - that's just the best.

So I watched all the activity and learned that my 'later' flight was yet delayed...so what did this mean? I got to see a plane come in with Veterans on-board. I learned that it's tradition for them to shoot water over the plane in honor of those that served our country. As I watched, it honestly gave me chills.
I was so happy to witness this -

But, even better than that, last night when I came back in, the gate was still decorated with some activity underway. Several were boarding after a long day of touring to head back home. This gentleman was anxious to have his picture taken =) LOVE that!
So - here's to all those that SERVE our country! Thank you - HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY!


  1. That would of been pretty cool to see. He looks totally excited for his pic! lol Maybe he thought you were crazy for asking??!! lol

  2. wow, what a wonderful story.....I luv when that happens, we think Urgh! and God has so much more...what a blessing...have a fabby weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Wow, I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason too :) What an awesome experience you had watching the plane come in with Vets ~~ You'll never forget it :)