Dora, Dora, DORA!

With just 34 days 'til Christmas, I've been working hard to find just the right gift for everyone=) Kayden is at such a cute age and loves to look at this; page by page by page..

when she comes here. So...I thought it very fitting to take her to Toys'R'Us and see what she really liked!

We did stop by the 'pet store' 1st.
She loved looking at all all the animals

and even pretended she was a cat for a minute, lol!

And then...what we were waiting for! And how fitting to find this right inside the door?!

We heards lots of "Wow"s - she was pretty excited.

Just so much to see!

And just as we were ready to find other toys she found a guitar -

Even the educational toys were 'all about Dora', ha!

But she still loves Elmo!

Now with her 'list' complete, we headed to eat -

and of course, color -

Then the transition to pj's just in case she falls asleep on the way home -

Now we're off for another day of "Kayden Adventures"!

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