Island boy....

Those of you that follow Crockett's Corner know that we are down to about 4 days from leaving for our long awaited trip to the Virgin Island of St. John. We have packing underway and finally lined up our house sitters. We are really down to the last minute decisions including the most important....underwater camera and snorkel gear! We have decided on the 'right' camera after weighing many options and it's on the way. We have been to the Brass Anchor to check out the snorkel equipment and are pretty much set on what we need but....since our children have been deprived (haha) and have never been snorkeling, we weren't sure they would like it enough to spend the money at the Brass Anchor. Without fail, Walmart comes through!! Cierra and I picked up a set yesterday for Chase to try and within minutes he was hooked. I wanted to go ahead and pack it but nooooo he has to keep using it. Now we have to get the rest of them 'hooked up' with the right equipment!

I honestly can't wait for him to experience island snorkeling. Who knows, it wouldn't surprise me for him to take a break in between high school and college and experience the 'true island life'. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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