Oh The Places We Will Go...

I do love that book! It was so 'fitting' for Brittany when she graduated...but that's not what this posting is about.
For those of you that love ice cream and don't know about Nutter's, consider yourself TOLD! Nutter's is in Sharpsburg and the best little ice cream shop around. We go there whenever we get a chance and tonight happened to be our lucky night. We had originally talked about going last night but were way too full after dinner so opted to get a rain check. (funny, it was raining tonight). Anyway, I typically get chocholate chip, Chase always gets chocolate with chocolate chips (yes, he's my child), Cierra usually gets chocolate chip cookie dough but did get something different tonight and Ronnie's favorite is mint chocolate chip. Besides great ice cream, it's also really cheap! We can all eat there for around $7. Try getting the same stuff in OC at the Ice Cream Castle. Yeah right, it's about double!

So, the next time you are looking for some really good ice cream, it's worth the trip to go to Nutter's!

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