oh those summer nights..

Tonight we hosted the 2009 Braves pool party. The kids had lots of fun swimming then munching on the yummy snacks the parents brought. Trophies were handed to each of the boys for their Braves season and they also received the Cal Ripken League 2009 Champion trophies. Lots of fun in just a few hours!

Everyone is gone and we're cleaning up when suddenly I realize the cake Cierra and Brittany made was sitting in the house. Oops....you guys will only get the picture, not an actual piece of the cake. Sorry.

The final event of the night was our furry little friend that Ronnie discovered while cleaning up in the garage. Ewwww...

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  1. What a nice blog, Bev! I've got several friends that keep them and have threatened to begin one for a while. Just need to get caught up on my scrapping, first. :)

    Great looking cake, girls! It looks wonderful and I'm just glad I'm not the only one that does things like forget the cake. LOL.

    Thanks for having us. We had a great time - and Cris loved his trophy. :)

    I see you all are going on a trip very soon. Have a great time!