Pocahontas State Park

not sure it will ever be the same....

Today we had a 'free' day so decided to take the boys fishing. Ronnie found Pocahontas State Park about 1/2 an hour from here and it advertised a 152 acre lake. How could you beat that when we had three boys, three poles and good bait?! So of course we headed there. I guess we missed the fine print that said the 152 acre lake was only 40' wide and really looked more like a creek but oh well, they still had lots of fun. We ended up renting canoes and the young people in charge of getting us in were nice enough to let the boys take one (without an adult) and Ronnie and I take the other. Oh my....talk about team work - they couldn't seem to get it together so they were moving gracefully across the lake. Trevor got lucky and sat in the middle. He didn't have any work to do so his pole was in the water just about the entire time. We had lots of laughs, needless to say. Not many fish were caught but that didn't surprise us either. I don't know how they have patience with baseball because their hooks couldn't have stayed in the water any more than 20 seconds at a time. The people were even nice enough to let us stay out for two hours instead of one!! Does that explain how busy they were?! LOL

The girls stayed here with Grandma and Butch enjoying the peace and quiet without Chase, Hunter and Trevor.
It was really a fun day that wrapped up with some batting practice now we're grilling steaks and prepared for a quiet night. Baesball early in the morning - they have to be there by 7:30. Game on SP!!! We know you can beat Glen Allen.

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