It's beginning to feel a lot like...

FAIR TIME!! Yup, the books are all finished and turned in. Jeans and boots are dug out of the closets and last night was the Livestock Meeting, now the registration forms just need to get sent in to reserve the space for Poundcake and Magic.

This year the school starts on Wednesday during the week of the fair. That's going to be tough since 1)the kids have to feed their animals in the morning and 2)we usually stay out there until it closes each night so...looks like some creative excuses will be written for Chase and Cierra's first few days of school. Hey, that's what the Extension Agent told us last night, LOL. It will all work out but it will certainly be harder than years past.

More signs of the fair -

Last year we had a lot of fun with the Pumpkin contest. Jeremy had a vine of pumpkins that he was caring for and was sooo proud. Suddenly his favorite was ripped from the vine with no warning. He was sooo upset and mad; he wanted to call the police. Little did he know that Ronnie was the one that stole it and entered it in the fair. J didn't find out until we were going through the exhibits and spotted it. It was so funny! He walked right over and said "that's my pumpkin"! Ok, so he didn't win but it was LOTS of fun.

I love sunflowers but don't have any pretty enough at 'fair time'. Too bad huh? Don't you think this could win?

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