WHAT a view -

For all my blog friends that through the years have heard me post about the beach we go to I just had to share.  This is a picture taken by Chris Parypa Photography and truly shows this beach.  Truly shows the vulnerability.  Truly shows the beauty.

One day I truly hope to call this our home.  My husband and I did not meet until 22 years ago.  We didn't go to school together and were raised in different states.  Both of us though, shared this as our vacation place through our childhood.  Ronnie was actually born just about an hour from here and still has family in Salisbury.  We just talked about this a few weeks ago but how ironic is it that we both LOVE this place AND spent so many vacations there apart.  It makes it so much easier for each of us to understand and agree that this is the perfect vacation place for us year after year.  Perfect!

So now (those of you that didn't before) you know where we go!  =)

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