Game 2 = another WIN!

Batting practice then some 1/2 lb. cheeseburgers and these guys were ready to go!

Well, not until a few games of checkers, lol -

Now off to the field -  it was a little warmer today so they tried to stay cool under the tent -

until the team was announced -

our lead off batter just chillin' until he is called to take the first swing =)

Our flags look a little different today.  We are the visitor - facing Tennessee.

And here we go....

things were a little easier today.  We started off hitting good.  (although this is never a good sign, ha!)

most of the time that means a fly ball and sure out!

We played really good both offensively and defensively against Tennessee.  The final score was 9-5 us.  Yay.  Those two wins put us in a pretty good way.  

And now the struggle.  We had let the manager know up front that our vacation would fall at the same time as the Regional tournament.  He was fine and understood.  Then, once it was real that we had to play Chase decided to go for as long as he could.  That meant two games then leave.  The team chanted his name and begged him to stay.  

What a tough decision but Chase decided to stick with the original plan and leave the team to win on their own =).  They are such a strong team and without doubt could pull this off.  These two wanted their picture with Chase and said they would win for him.  He left his cross necklace with Tim for good luck....

As we headed out, we went one way and the team the other.  Their windows were down, yelling at Chase.  That's when the emotions came.  It was a quiet 171 miles north on I-95.  We had already agreed to try to make it as far as we could to Ocean City.  We stopped for fuel and milk shakes and chicken nuggets then kept going.  He finally started talking and kept me away as we went from North Carolina through Virginia (crossing a 17 mile bridge/tunnel in the dead of the night) then we hit the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  By 2:30 a.m. we were here.  Changed gears.  Went from uniform to swimming trunks.  All is well.

On Saturday the team played two games so the family sported Blue.  They beat South Carolina 23-2 and then faced Florida.  They were unable to pull out a 2nd win, losing 6-2 but moved into the playoffs on Sunday.  They lost on Sunday to Border Belt (the host team) 2-1.  Wow.  Another close game.  Bottom line, we are soooo proud of this team.  The boys are very talented and play well together.  They definitely have their heart in the game and had a good run.  Way to go SP!

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