Remember when?!

Not sure how many of you LOVED, LOVED these booths but I know as a kid I would beg my parents for money.  Climb in.  Make funny faces (mostly with a sunburnt nose).  And then wait for the pics to drop so I could see =)

Welp, New Year's Eve weekend I was able to re-live those fun times!  Yep!  I drug Ronnie into the booth (whew is it small in there, haha) and before we knew it, the flash was firing.  

Then I stood outside waiting for the photos to drop.  

We waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And yes, Ronnie was getting frustrated.  So, I finally went to the counter and complained.  After my wait, a guy finally went to the booth that had been guarded by Cierra and Courtney and poof!  our photos dropped.  Ok, so there are some marks on the BUT.....you have to admit they aren't too shabby, lol!

Sometimes it's the smallest things =)

oh...yes, I do owe you a replay of our New Year's Eve extravaganza.  Sorry....it will be forth coming.  Promise.

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