A little bit different....

Our typical Sunday is pretty quiet.  The weekend comes to a close with dinner, some tv, earlier to bed given we return to school and work.  But last night.....well it was a little bit different.

On Friday we learned of this 'gig' called The Nine.  We love music and once this was described to us, we really wanted to check it out.  This particular event was held at Quattro Goomba winery -

Here's how it works.  It is basically nine singer/songwriters.   Who it is varies by the place, availability, etc.  But, they each sing two songs for the first set.  They can ask any of the others to join in.  In some cases they just meet the night of the gig.  It was SO cool!

Here's Nathaniel - holding up the list...

We have followed Ken Wenzel for over a year now but did NOT know that he played the saxophone.  He actually has a degree in saxophone.  Hmmm.

The evening was filled with wonderful music and talented musicians.  It was awesome!

There were three girls that participated.  All were very talented....this young lady gave up her engineering career to go after her music dream -

She's from India so of course I was very interested to chat with her =)

And Matt Boyer definitely has a new fan, ha!

If you're into music, check their  FACEBOOK page out.  I know we will definitely attend another one of their events.

Happy Monday!

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