Countin' Calories....

For months now I have been saying I want to lose a few pounds.  Tone up.  Get back in shape.  I have done nothing.  On top of that, whenever I travel I eat bad.  Period.

I NEVER eat McDonalds but yesterday I was in a hurry in the airport in between flights so grabbed fries and a snack wrap.  While waiting for take off, I noticed this.....

so I dug out my phone, secretly turned it back on and found my 'scan' app.  The menu flashed up and I scrolled to a small fry -

Seriously?  230 calories?  I can eat a whole Lean Cuisine lunch for about that.....

I was almost scared to scroll to my snack wrap -

OUCH!  Geez.  That's a total of 580 calories!  Guess I'll be making better choices next time.  =(

And the rest of my trip hasn't been much better  - here's my lunch....

it's a good thing Ronnie has finally gotten me to each chili or I would have been hungry today, lol!

And dinner....ugh - still too many calories -

I'm not thinking tomorrow is going to be any better given it's another travel day BUT...when I get home I really need to commit to doing better.  Seriously.

Oh but here's a funny.....notice anything about our food from today?!

Notice the expiration date?  Oh my.....we did chuckle....

Happy Hump Day!

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