270 - that magic number?

During my last trip to Minneapolis my friend Julie and I hit Ikea. I LOVE Ikea but there isn't one close to us (about 1 1/2 hours away). This one happens to be by the Mall of America -

Once inside....up the escalator we go...

At a first glance, I was overwhelmed.  But....if you follow the arrows, you can make it all the way around and see EVERYTHING.

I love the 'rail' system..

I'm thinkin' Cierra would love these lights in her room -

But what really caught my eye was this -

Seriously?  Someone can live in 270 sq. ft.?!

Yep,  - here's the living room and bedroom, combined

The view from the 'door' -

The kitchen.  The chairs hang on the wall above the 'folded' kitchen table, ha!

Bathroom -

closet -

and right by the door a coat rack and a spot for everything (shoes, purse, gloves, hat).  Pretty cool, huh?!

Lately I have talked about living in a smaller house with a white picket fence....that would work but not so sure I could live in 270 sq. ft. but they definitely make the most of every square inch!

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