Yep, that's my thoughts. Yesterday was the last day of school for these two -

So no more waking Chase up (twice), popping waffles in the toaster, drinking my coffee while they scurry then saying "I Love You, have a GREAT day!" as they head out the door to catch the bus.

Now it's summer! Woohoo! and there's no set bed time, there will be splashing from the pool late at night, dinners will be later than normal and no "do you have homework?" questioning.

In some ways I am very happy - we all love summer! But I'm also sad to see this chapter come to a close. Cierra moves to 11th grade and Chase will be joining her over at the high school in the Fall. Really?! Where has the time gone?

Oh well.....time is rolling on so I'm going to enjoy every second/minute/hour/day! Enjoy your summer guys - you deserve time to chill and be kids =)


  1. I am ready for the sleeping in and warm summer lazy days. We still have a week left of school here.

    I know exactly what you mean....they will be graduated before you know it.

  2. Bitter sweet around here too !!! Love the mornings when everyone can sleep in BUT my 15 year old son has an abundance of energy come 7:00 pm !!! Late nights around here are very common ….
    Hoping your summer is fabulous :)