Each morning as I get ready for work, I listen to Rona and on Friday she always talks about something from her childhood.  Sadly enough, most of the time I know exactly what she's talking about, ha!

Today was one of those days.  She talked about how much she loved eating popcorn and watching movies as a kid.  Her favorite part was this popcorn machine that her parents had.  She said it looked like a space ship.  It had a big 'dome' with a avocado green base and a place on top to put the butter.  Every time, it made the most perfect popcorn!

Can it be?!  Ok, so the color isn't quite the same. Our's is Harvest Gold instead of Avocado but this is exactly what she was talking about.  This happens to be Ronnie's and he shares the same love =)

Not long ago we decided to pick up some traditional popcorn -

filled the bottom -

then Chase watched it pop, LOL!
(one day I will have to dig out one just like this of Ronnie when he was just a little guy, doing the same thing!)

And that night, we even watched Hugo!  It was a pretty cool movie.  Very long but very worth it.

Anyone out there have the same popper?!

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