School days -

These days there's really not much happenin' on the school front.  With our mild winter, they haven't missed any 'snow' days which means there's a possibility that they will get out earlier.

Luckily both Cierra and Chase like school..  They get up without a battle, eat breakfast and off they go.

When I try to figure out why it's so easy, here's a few things contributing factors.....

I mean who wouldn't be happy to see their bff and a favorite teacher EVERY day?!

And this guy?!
Well, wouldn't you be happy if your classmates picked you as the "Best Dressed 8th Grade Boy"?!  Way to go =)  (of course Cierra is taking FULL credit for this one!)

Just because they like school doesn't mean they aren't counting down til Spring Break.  Fifty eight days and we'll be heading some place warm, sunny (hopefully) and relaxing.......NONE of us can wait!

Tomorrow kicks off the weekend - I hope you all are having a great week so far.

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