The "boys" names are.....

(drum roll please) -----

Bow and Arrow!  That's right.  They were born the day before Valentine's Day so Cierra was determined to find 'catchy' names associated with the holiday.  Her first lamb 5 years ago was born on this special day so ended up with the name "Cupid".

Bow was born first....he's all black.  Arrow was second and last, struggling a little after birth and the next morning.  With a little help from Dr. Shawna =)  Within 48 hours he was well on his way and is now bigger than his brother.

I'm thinking Arrow will be Cierra's market lamb and today she already tried the harness on.  Looks like a little 'sissy' with the pink so I'm thinkin' she needs to dig out some other colors, ha!

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