Noah's Ark -

Many, many years ago when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights Noah's Ark was built on Mount Ararat.  What does that have to do with this place?
Well, it kinda is a trick question.  Can you figure it out?

Ok, probably not.  So here's the story:

Last Saturday we visited Tarara Winery.  This winery sits on a huge piece of land.

Once inside,

we were greeted by Jordan -

who seemed like just an ordinary guy.

We spent over an hour tasting the wines and LOVED them all.

and heard the story of this beautiful vineyard.  The property is over 400 acres.  It seems that many years ago Whitie Strong bought this property as a surprise for his wife.  She loved the beach so wasn't quite sure about 'here' vs. the beach.  But...fear not, he fixed that by creating a sandy beach area by the man made lake.  Just for her.  Now that's LOVE =)

When they came to see the property, there was a major flood underway.  (it sits on the Potomac River)  And the grandkids thought they should build the house on the highest point just like Noah's Ark.  Now Ararat wasn't a very catchy name so they spelled it backwards and got TARARA!  And now they can honestly say they are just a little backwards, lol!

There are eight farm hands that live on the property including the winemaker, Jordan!  Yep, that's the Jordan that greeted us.  Guess he's not 'so ordinary', huh?!

Whitie died back suddenly back in 2007.  His wife is now 83 and lives above the tasting room.  We were able to go 'back stage' and see her home. Everything is just perfect.  She has a green house -

Paintings are throughout with a nice cozy sitting area with a fireplace.  And on Sunday's they open her home up to Members of the Winery.  How cool!

So ya see?!  Every winery really does have a story.

I dream every day that one day we will be able to tell our story, doing what we love.

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  1. I got a little excited when I saw your post title. I thought maybe you ventured on up to Wisconsin to visit Noah's Ark waterpark. I was going to scold you for not letting me know so we could meet. Oh well....someday.