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is this week's Friday Feature.

On Sunday, Ronnie and I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Ham.
He was actually in Virginia, not far over the state line, performing at one of the largest vineyards in the state - Breaux

We sat at a table right next to where he was playing and soon connected with him, listening to some "local" music. He sang about Ranson which made us laugh. Then he sang a song that really hit home.

Those of you that have been in the county as long as me (and even longer), will remember this story:

Well-known Charles Town regular found dead at train station 
By DAVE McMILLION | September 28, 2007 CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - 

He could be seen just about anywhere in town, munching on a snack on a street corner or basking in the sun on a downtown bench. And Willie Diggs had an unmistakable walk, dipping his body in a slow motion walk that some described as a swagger. "Everybody knew Willie. If you didn't know him by name, you knew him by sight," said Roger Ramey, spokesman for Charles Town Races & Slots. Diggs' presence in town sadly came to an end when police found him dead Wednesday night in an old railroad building along Summit Point Road on the western edge of town.

Yep, his song was about "Diggs"!  We shared stories about the famous guy and then Joe told me he had a picture.  Of course, I just had to have a copy =)
Diggs Loved his ice cream....and could be seen at Dairy Queen often but this cone was from downtown Charles Town.

But, back to the featured guy, Joe is an outstanding musician.  He can be heard in Harpers Ferry at the Canal House Cafe as well as many wineries.  Click here to find out where you can find Joe!

You can also follow him on Facebook.  

It's great to see such "local" talent!  I am sure you will agree.

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  1. Thanks so much for the article about Joe Ham. He does write some awesome songs and loves entertaining the public. I'm his number 1 fan; he's my son! Love my blue eyed baby boy and as a mom yourself, you understand this...And thanks again for some delightful news. Cindy