As with most 'first borns', we are quick to identify all the mistakes we think we have made....what could I have done better? what should I have taught him? We can attempt to teach them all about life but in some cases, there is NOTHING you can do to completely prepare them for some of life's toughest heartaches.

Jeremy has always had a special spot in his heart for animals. Growing up we never knew what would end up in the house, sometimes animals were in his room without us even knowing. He had fish, turtles, cats, dogs, birds, lizards – anything he could care for (or rescue). I so regret not pushing him to pursue a career in the veterinary field….

Several years ago he acquired an interest in horse racing, mostly because his girlfriend (who is sooo much more than that =) and her family were affiliated with the racing industry. He has made this his 'career' and purchased several of his own race horses. Ronnie and I have been honored to witness some of Jeremy's race victories and breeding successes. He has learned so much about the racing industry and horses in general; training, breeding, health requirements and the list goes on. Monday he experienced one of life’s unfortunate lessons…this breaks my heart.

Jeremy is the one with the blue baseball cap on.


  1. I heard about story on the news !!! I was immediately saddened !!! I feel for their loss :( I'm praying and hope he gets strength to carry on !!! Hugs
    to you and your family !!!

  2. How incredibly sad! What a tough life experience. I am a new follower on you blog this morning. I came over from Tammy's blog to say hi. Glad I did, I just found a great blogger! :)