Our TICKET to a week of fun!

I am VERY sorry that it has taken me so long to recap our Week at the County Fair! Have fun reading how it went down =)

The title of this post is so true, we had a blast last week and hated to see it all come to an end. I'll do my best to highlight everything that we did -

Saturday morning we were up early to get the animals all checked in and projects to the 4H barn. We had the pleasure of sharing our day with Kayden. She was such a good sport! It was a long, hot day but she hung in there with us from morning to night (mid-night to be exact =)

Mid afternoon she crashed under the ez-up....and was soon joined by Uncle Chase.Here's one of Dad's baby pygmies that wasn't quite a week old yet...We finished up at the fairgrounds after the 'livestock meeting' then headed to Dulles Town Centre for some 'back to school' shopping! Poppy took Kayden on the carousel while Chase, Cierra and I hit AE on a mad shopping spree to use our 40% coupon. We had dinner at TGI Friday's then headed back over the mountain for some much needed sleep.

On Sunday, we headed to church where Cierra was the litigurist. After church Kayden, Chase and I set out on a mission to find some new 'fashion show boots' for Cierra and work boots for Chase. Along the way, we stumbled upon a life size Dora (which I couldn't say no to) ....pretty cute, huh?And....Cinderella did get some new boots - who really works on a lamb farm lookin' like this? haha!Now, it's time to practice for the show. Ronnie is giving her some pointers...(not sure she's listening) How about a trial run in the ring? I see we have one observer...looking pretty good -And now - IT"S SHOWTIME!This was Cierra' first year in the Senior Class - she did a really nice job and continues to learn each year. This year they even had to swap lambs to show how they can handle 'any' lamb...She has 7 more years in this class - shew..she should be a pro by then, huh?

Monday - let's see....1st day of school. They got up pretty easy, then after school we were back at the fair for the greased pig contest and of course, Chase and Jimmy signed up to grease the pigs! Here's before...I was in charge of the cell phonesNow it's time to catch the pig. Jimmy ended up dragging this one in...Chase wasn't as luckybut he got just as dirtyTuesday - Oh yeah - the Goat show -Kuckles was only 57 lbs but a solid little goat. Next year Chase knows he needs to get one born in January/February. But he did really good, just the same...And then there was the 4H/FFA Bake Auction..Each of the clubs/groups prepare something which is auctioned off. It can be a pretty BIG chunk of change....some of these items go for thousands of dollars. Some children from our club got together and baked an apple pie in a Longaberger pie plate which was placed inside a serving basket trimed in 4H green and clover tacks - very cute! The Ghetto Goat Farm (aka my mom and dad) purchased the club's item. Wednesday was the Demolition Derby - The kids were starting to wear down so we tried to wrap up a little earlier and get in bed before midnight.

Thursday night is always the horse pull. These horses are so massive yet graceful. I love just watching them prance around...Down over the hill was the "Tuff Truck" competition. It totally cracks me up when people drive their 'every day' car through this obstacle course....I mean really? she ended up getting stuck on the last jump - the car is just rocking back and forth, lol!

And then there's the police (aka Lyle)Next up the 4 wheel drives....go Ross!Final event for the day was the annual "Cow Chip Bingo". We purchased our deed - unfortunately the poop didn't land in square J7...Oh well, there's always next year!

Friday is the livestock sale - better make one last run to make sure the animals are numbered...
yep, looks like they are all set!

It's Friday - thank goodness it's the last day the kids have to get up early! They only have to make it a half day as Ronnie is picking them up to deliver their letters to potential buyers. This has become a tradition. The kids write their letters, bake brownies and go visit local businesses that we or my parent's patronize. The kids have to go in by themselves and present their letter. So far it's worked out good for them.

Time for the sale to begin - ok ladies and gentlemen, please have a seat! Lambs were sold first this year...and...."Eers" is SOLD to the man in the black hat!Thanks Bucky! This is the 2nd year in a row that Bucky's Ltd has purchased Cierra's lamb. This is a local body shop that we use to fix any of our family's cars. They do great work.

Goats were last this year...and now Knuckles is sold to the man in the black hat!This is the first time DanLeeCo has purchased Chase's animal so Chase took a minute to go introduce himself and thank him since his daughter is the one that actually came forward for the picture. So...see ya Knuckles and "eers", it's been fun and we'll certainly miss you :(

Saturday was a pretty low key day. We slept in then headed over to watch some of the Mud Bog - this just happens to be my cousin, Bobi Jo - The tractor pull was Saturday night -BUT...the Grand Finale of the whole week had to be these two winning the Jefferson County Annual Egg Toss contest! This is Zack my cousin and Ronnie. They both received a blue ribbon and $6 which they happily shared, lol!I hope you enjoyed hearing about our week at the local fair. I know this was a really long post but I do have an honorable mention =)

This was the first year for The Ghetto Goat farm (aka Mom and Dad, haha) to be represented at the fair and boy did they get the attention! They took Rosie and her two babies that were born the Sunday before the fair. They are pygmies and all the kids of the fair just had to hold them. Dad was seen in the local newspaper a few times throughout the week, lol! He also took two pregnant nannies, both due at any time. As luck would have it, both had babies during the week. This one struggled and caused quite a stir during the Goat show, how ironic?! We thought for sure she would have a second baby but that never happened.

And this one, she delivered twins the last day of the fair. All are doing well and survived all the attention. Who knows what next year will bring but I'm sure Dad will out do himself, ha!

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