Ok, I'm NOT a fan of yard sales. Don't spend my weekends hoping from one to another in search of that 'something' I just have to have. Don't like the hassle of organizing, sorting, pricing, selling. But....if that's what it takes to get my car and RV back in the garage, sign me up!

So here's how it went....for YEARS we have been planning a yard sale. We have cleaned out cabinets, drawers, closets and toy rooms. Sorted, stacked and planned for that perfect time to set it all out and earn some fast cash. That time never came. But...baseball ended, Soap Box Derby done, vacation over and things settled down enough to start focusing on our house. Yay me, right?

Ronnie sorted, organized, set up and the yard sale was underway. We didn't advertise but had tables outside all week last week. For those of you that know Ronnie, you will completely get his idea of posting a sign that read "see something you like? call 304-xxx-xxxx - Ronnie". He took calls all week. Some he told to make their pile and where to put it for a later pick-up/sale. Some he instructed to leave the money in our 'special place' and some he even delivered. It was a very entertaining week, to say the least.

On Saturday he posted signs and we spent our entire day outside greeting all the infamous yard sale people. It was a busy day with lots of items finding a new home. Pretty exciting stuff. We had Kayden for the weekend and she ran her little legs off, greeting potential buyers and entertaining any children that came along. At any given time she could be seen sitting in a doll baby stroller or highchair, reading a Pooh Christmas book lol!
Towards the end of the day when things were winding down, an SUV pulled up in the yard and three young, what appeared to be college students hopped out. You could just tell they were fun and could have a good time. The young girl asked about Cierra's easel and was thrilled to get it for $5. Meanwhile, the two guys were eyeing Chase's ESPN zone sport center. They too were excited to hear the price of $40. Soon they were digging in their pockets in search of enough cash to make the sale. Uh oh - $1 short. Oh well - we knew they would put this to good use =) They packed it up and loaded it into their SUV, heading to a picnic. My guess is they unloaded and played for hours - you agree?
All in all, we had a lot of fun. Ronnie did most of the work and made more money than we ever imagined, lol! So...I'm thinking we just might have another one in a few months, ha!

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  1. That's awesome :) I love garage/yard sales ! So glad you had a great time and made some great money too !