well, not really but I do feel like this snow is just following me everywhere!

Yesterday it was in the 50's at home.  I left the house around 7 this morning only to miss my flight out of Dulles so had to drive to Reagan.

The good thing was a direct flight AND I get home earlier Thursday.  It's really not so bad there - pretty view.

And I loved the flag flying - I can only imagine how many soldiers have walked through this airport to meet their loved ones....

But 3 hours later and starting our  descent, it was WHITE.  ALL white.  Yuck.

I checked in and headed to the mall (because I just can't sit in my room all night, ha).  I shopped for a few hours then poof -

This is what it looks like out on the roads -

At least I was only a few blocks from my hotel where I'm getting warm with some dinner now -

But....I'm here and will make the best of it -  I'll visit some of my favorite places  -

and make a few wishes -

all the while wishing I was back in the country, sigh.....but It's Tuesday....one day closer to the Thursday =)

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