I know Spring is on the way when the Nascar season kicks off. LOVE IT! And even more perfect is that they changed the Duals to run on Thursday evening instead of during the day.  YAY!

Of course this would be a year we don't go and temps are perfect =( Oh well, right?! I can't help but think about my Dad though because he is really the one that got me into Nascar. I remember when he went to some of his first races and made every effort to convince us that we needed to buy a camper and come along. After a few years, we did just that, ha!

And....the tradition lives one. While we really don't go to many races anymore, it would be fun to hit a few of the closer ones because truth be known....it is kinda fun LOL. So here's to a great season!

And i'm really excited about Sunday....the Daytona 500 will be on all the TV's @ Crockett's Tavern. WOOHOO!

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