That's how best to describe our weekend.... First on the agenda was a birthday celebration for my father-in-law -

Cheers, ha! and he even has his own mug.  (no, it doesn't take much, lol)

We had dinner in honor of his special day at Cress Creek

Yummy food and even some pretty good wine -

and of course my Mother-in-law loves her Margaritas....

These two even joined us -

And my FIL was wished a happy birthday by many.  Even this special lady -

who just happens to be the owner - here's an older picture....

Pretty cool, huh?!

And on Saturday?  Well....I spent most of the day prepping for the Super Bowl of Nascar - The DAYTONA 500.  Ronnie worked -

and all their efforts are certainly starting to pay off - The Rotruck building is looking' pretty good!

We were able to spend a few hours in one of our favorite bars =)

Yep, Crockett's tavern.  We love rocking in our 'old people's chairs' and listening/watching the country videos.  We even had some company....

We kept saying 'after the next one'.....which turned into watching the Lionel Ritchie special.

I could have sat there all night (we did record so can catch up later) but we were hungry so  grabbed some Japanese.  It was kinda late AND we had a coupon so that typically means poor service.  But, the funniest thing to me was this -

out of toilet paper?

oh, it's ok - just look hanging on the wall.  Seriously?!  who does that?!

Sunday morning it was off to breakfast at one of our fav local places but not until after we dropped Skipper off for his first grooming.  He was looking' kinda shabby, lol.

oops - didn't get a 'after' pic so that will have to come.

Then back home to get the food ready -

the Pomegranate vodka gummy bears...yum

gotta fill up the cooler -

and then just sit back and relax....

oh until laps 38 when the rain came and the potential of tornados =(  

So I took a break and went to a memorial service for Dad -

I wasn't sure what to expect but it turned out to be a service for all the people during the past year that have 'transitioned' to their new life.  The church was beautiful!

Of course I made it back home before anything changed.  Rain, rain, rain.  Boo.  But the company was great - we talked.  We laughed.  We told stories.  Good friends are truly a blessing.  And then the time came for them to go home and us to clean up.

The rain moved out.  The track dried and the race started about 9.  I was able to stay awake and watch and boy was I glad!  GO JR!  I know that win made Ronnie very happy.  He dug out his old pics and some of his autographed die cast and updated his FB.  Whew....'bout time JR!  Let's hope this is a sign of a good season.

And....I can't help but think about my Dad, too.  He loved Jr and would have been soooo happy!  We did chuckle that the memorial service was the same day as the race.  He would have been furious and not gone.  He would have said 'them cats are crazy!'.  LOL.  Gotta love all the good we can remember.

So here we are.  Back to Monday and I'm off to Des Moines.  Have a great week ya'all.  Counting down to when I'm back home on Friday eve.  xoxo

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