Delmarva Bike Week - Our recap!

So....even though we are fairly 'new' Harley owners we decided to hit the beach and check out what Bike Week is all about -

We made sure Chase and Cierra were settled and head all they needed then hit the road Thursday evening with the toy loaded up -

We stopped at Denny's and had a bite in Easton which put us into Ocean City around mid-night.  After a little confusion (lol) and some rain, we found our condo.

We checked in at the front desk and found a nice little covered parking space which made unloading a lot easier =)

Even though it wasn't our designated spot, we played "The Valentino's" for the weekend, ha!

The condo was nice -

and we finally got into bed around 2:30 a.m.  It didn't seem like long before there was something shining in our bedroom!

YEP, THAT would be sunshine =)  It was a beautiful morning!  We watched the tractors clean the beach -

After our coffee we had breakfast at our fav spot - and ohhh look at the bikes!

and then the view  -

check out the mirror on this one.....

oh, that's the colorful umbrellas!

Our breakfast was yummy -

Now it's time to get into Bike Week!  We caught up to Donna and John at breakfast so headed to Salisbury -

Lots and lots of bikes.  Even a 'flasher' - LOL

They shuttled us over to Winter Place Park -

We signed up for 'Cruzin' the Coast' -

Listened to some music -

Check out this 'portable' Bud bar -

And cool bike -

And then the best time of the day was getting to see this awesome, unique, amazing 84 year old....NANNY!  She hopped right on, acted like she was revving it up and said "take my picture", ah!

We made it back to OC in time for the sunset -

(just a quick 'selfie' <3 p="">
And love the new patches -

And later we tried Hooked.  This was originally LaHacienda.  That's the first restaurant we went to together......22 years ago.

very quaint with awesome food!

And Saturday?!  A repeat!  Look at the morning sun coming through the windows...

BEAUTIFUL!!  We grabbed out coffee cups and headed out to the beach.  LOVE, love mornings by the ocean.

Breakfast then Blessing of the Bikes -

It was pretty cool - the priest prayed then shook holy water on each bike..

He gave each of us a card -

And now we are blessed.  Shew.

We had a picture to give the owner of Costa Ventosa so headed there next.  Love it there but no drinking for us....gotta stay safe.  (we of course, bought a bottle for later =)

She's already decorated all up for Halloween, haha -

After a pretty tedious ride back dealing with LOTS and LOTS of bikes, we chilled out at our fav pizza joint -

We passed this car along the way -

after getting gas we heard of a potential fatal motorcycle crash one street away from where we were.  Saddened.  Kinda shocked.  Scary.  And fairly soon there after the road was opened back up and life returned to normal =(

We had a sunset, bayside, evening photo shoot thanks to my bro-in-law -

It really was a picture perfect sunset!

While we were getting the bike and our gear put away....lo and behold the Valentino's arrived, hahahah!  Well actually it was some folks renting their condo.  Regardless, our private spot quickly turned into 'normal folks' parking -

Oh well, it was good while it lasted =)

We sat on our balcony and took in the last night -

Most definitely a happening place....then off to bed and we DID experience three in a row!

So coffee, newspapers and chairs in hand and off to the beach we go.  Ahhhh there's just something to be said our that calming place where the sand meets the sea....

We soaked up the sun, watched the sea gulls -

Filled up our bottles to remember the trip - 

Captured the view from our balcony -

laughed at some of the sights -

Then hit the road.  Once we learned there was only one game for Chase and we wouldn't make it, we stopped off at Kent Island for some lunch -

and now my blog friends....we are crossing the Bay Bridge and leaving 'island time'.  Reality check.....we are almost home but it  was a GREAT, MEMORABLE, FUN weekend! 

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