Last Sunday -

after running some errands, Ronnie and I decided to check out a different winery.  One we had heard of but had not yet visited -

It's amazing when you think about the number of wineries in the Virginia area and the many differences in style and setting -

It was kinda dreary.  Showers.  So after purchasing our bottle of white, we headed into the 'room' in the back.

Interesting.  It was wide open.  Windows all around.  With tables and sitting areas somewhat private.  There was a couple at a table playing a board game.  Another couple checking out a map at a corner table.  And a few others around.  It did seem really odd to me, almost like a Sr. center where a bingo number would soon be called, lol.  I am sure though if it were a pretty day, the view would have been fabulous!

We always enjoy visiting wineries and ALWAYS have a great time, taking notes about our favorite wines.  If you happen to be out in the Shenandoah Valley, this is definitely one to check out.  You won't be disappointed with the wines.

Sunday Cheers!

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