The wheels on the cars.....

certainly do go 'round and 'round but it takes a lot of effort to pull off a GREAT race day.

It has become tradition that I take off the Friday before our local "Ray Miller Memorial All American Scholastic Soap Box Derby" race. This is Ronnie's second year as Race Director so the final days can become very stressful with many things needing to be coordinated and pulled off without fail.

The cars need to be loaded and delivered (thanks Mark!)

The guardrails and starting ramps need to be loaded (thanks Dad for letting us use the truck)-

The finish line cones had to be delivered (thanks Mr. Jenkins) -

The straw bales lined the street, Mr. Sunshine helped us out, haha! (thanks Jeremy =)

The street had to be lined -

Then the heats pulled (thanks Cierra for helping) -

Now with everything done for the night, the alarm was set for 5:00 am - wow!

And finally - the day has arrived and those dedicated parents/grandparents are there to help unload.

and ensure safety for our children -

Now....let's get this race underway. A prayer please...

and the pledge of allegiance -

A group photo -

Chase and Dylen take their 'previous CHAMP' run -It's a good thing Chase won last year.....not thinking he could fit this year, lol!

We don't have a race without the Chicken appearing, ha! (anyone want to guess who the chicken was?!)

There's always competition between the cow and chicken - I think the chicken is willing to take him on!

and they're off....looks pretty close -

hmmmm.....I think the cow won! Did the chicken pull his brake?

Oh and look - we had a little helper to ensure our cones are just right =)

We even had an official escort from the bottom to the top (thanks Mr. Grim!). Chase and Ryan partnered on the effott....

I wasn't able to take many pictures due to the 'job' I held all day but I was able to snap some during the final laps. I'm lucky to be able to say this little girl is a friend of our's and she drove her little heart out.

She came from the losers bracket all the way back thru to the final heat which would decide either 1st or 2nd place. Here's her Dad, giving her the last lap pat.

She stayed low -

and at the end of the day became the CHAMP of the stock division. She and her family will be heading to Akron next month! Yay KARRA!

This young man was the Super Stock Champ - Trevor Lineburg - Congratulations to him, too!

I have to say, it was a GREAT day in the neighborhood! I'll admit that I am very partial but this guy deserves a lot of credit and we all love him very much for ALL he does!

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