Oh my!

When we backed into the driveway tonight after Chase's practice, Java was in the front yard circling something. My first instinct was a toad. I see them often in my flower pots. Chase and I headed over only to find this...

Ewwww..so we kept our eye on it until Ronnie could get over there. He immediately said "wow, I think that's a copperhead". He decided to scoop it onto a shovel and put it on the asphalt so we could get a better look. Nope, it tried to get away so quickly he 'took care of it'.

Once we were able to get a good look, he was right. Wow...and to think I was just in that area of the grass a few hours ago!

I googled pictures and yep! it was definitely a copperhead, our's was just a little more dirty and not so bright. Geez.


  1. Wow !!! I think snakes are the worst !!! No joke, I would have passed out if I would have ran across this one !!!

  2. Ick!!!! I hate snakes!!! I would have freaked out!!!