On a clear day -

this is where I want to go!

Tonight was the last activity for Ronnie's Troop so they wanted to go on a hike then meet at Nutter's for ice cream. These plans were made before the weather forecast called for high humidity and a 96 degree day. Oh well....Boy Scouts are supposed to be able to survive any type of weather, right?!

We met at the top of South Mountain and headed up the trail - even though it was hot, it was still a beautiful night -

we came across some poison -

an odd looking tree -

a 'daddy' long legs - I have always called them Grandaddy Long Legs but was corrected tonight =)

but we kept climbing -

and finally we saw this sign! Yippee, we made it - it seemed like 5 miles (it wasn't)

After a small hike to the top, this is what we saw!

Wow, can you imagine what this would look like on a clear night?! This sign pointed out spots that we were familiar with -

I think these guys were glad to be at the top -

After looking around, they decided to check out the actual monument -

The steps were pretty cool -

and soon it was time to leave but one more look around - I'd give a penny for those thoughts....

some berries on the trail back -

then we wrapped up the evening with some ice cream from my favorite place =)

It was a very nice evening and wrap up to the Scout year. Guess I'm going to be watching the weather to determine when we can go back so I can get a clear view!

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