What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday....and ya know what tha means, right? I'm back on the train with Jamie to share what I'm really 'loving' today!

I'm TOTALLY lovin' my new phone! I honestly didn't think I could ever be without a Blackberry but....I was totally wrong! This is just like carrying a computer around. I definitely still have a lot to learn but LOVE it! (I've even conquered Swype, yay)

And.....last weekend we decided on a whim to check out this place -

Another GREAT find; close, quaint, a wonderful bartender (here's your plug Jena'), and already made some new friends.

Now that it's 'porch' weather, I found this at Costco. I am loving the gel that you burn and today found citronella gel which might be even better. This was a two-pack. One for the front porch and one for the gazebo!

Oh and I can't forget this....yep, I can go to the car wash as many times as I want now....all for one low price (wink, wink)!

What's are you lovin' this week?!

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