Just another day -

As usual, I was in a little bit of a rush to get to the airport today only to find this -

Which up close looked like this -

And ended up like this -

So the 'locals' will know exactly what this is and where it's heading! Yep - the new bridge in Jefferson County. Wow! It was actually pretty cool.

I followed it all the way up the mountain and it was pretty interesting to see it this long span of concrete make all the turns.

Of course through it all I had two of my favorite things -

Of course - my unsweetened 'kids size' tea and my camera.

The trucks finally pulled over for us to go around - and of course for me to make it for my flight, ha!

I had to pick up a new book in the airport and I am hooked! I'm already over 1/2 finished and it comes with a cd with songs that connect to each chapter. L O V E it! I just might get finished so I can leave it here for a friend that usually sends me books =)

Now this is not something I typically see.....a plane?

out my window? I was a little nervous watching that plane land almost the exact same time as us, just a runway away....

But I'm here, all safe and sound...here's a snapshot of what my evening looks like -

Yep, that's typically what I do all evening....coffee, ice cream, two laptops and cell phone. Not very interesting, huh?! Just another day (away from home).

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  1. You sure do travel a lot. Yeah, that plane is a little too close!