TWO years!

Last week was my two year anniversary for blogging. Wow - time has sure flown. It's funny, I actually stumbled upon this hobby after meeting someone through work and was immediately hooked. I have enhanced my technical skills and learned so much in this big, cyber world. When I look back at what has happened over the past two years, I'm somewhat amazed and VERY thankful. My little statement 'something is always happening on our little Corner of the world' is actually true, ha!

Here's some of the things I have loved -
  1. I truly enjoy writing.
  2. I like to share my thoughts (good, bad, ugly)
  3. I have made SO many friends. Some that I will probably never meet in person.
  4. I have taken more pictures (daily) that have true meaning and can tell stories.
  5. I have come to enjoy logging memories and will one day be able to scrapbook each.
  6. I have learned the 'ins and outs' of digital scrapbooking.
  7. I have been brutally honest at times and there have been times when tears flowed as my fingers hit the keyboard.
  8. I have learned that there is a blog for just about everything!
There have been challenging times though -
  1. Should I share this?
  2. What should I really say about a certain topic?
  3. How can I keep it interesting?
  4. What do my readers really want to hear/read?
All in all though, I have never meant to make anyone mad or hurt any feelings. More than once I have said (outloud) "stay off my blog if you don't what to know something" and I really meant it.

But I have to admit that it's one of the most rewarding, fun, cheap hobbies I have ever found and I definitely plan to keep it up!

Now....last week was also my two year anniversary for Facebook. Hmmm that's a whole different topic and one that I'm not so thrilled about.

Here's some things I love about Facebook:
  1. I have reconnected with friends from school and co-workers from the past.
  2. I actually attended my first class reunion after 30 years!
  3. I am kept in the loop with special deals for Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple.
  4. I have joined groups like Disney and country artist's fan clubs.
  5. I have gotten involved in many photography forums.
  6. I can keep up with family events and happenings in all parts of the United States without even picking up the phone.
Now, what's there not to like? Shew -

  1. All the drama!
  2. People intentionally being mean to others by posting hurtful comments!
  3. People talking in what I call 'riddles'....requiring a guidebook to understand what they are saying and whether or not it has ANYTHING to do with me!
  4. People requesting me as a 'friend' just to get my 'scoop'!
So....I guess you can say "I'm on the fence" -

between a rock and a hard place

or maybe just 'split right down the middle' as to whether or not I'm a fan of Facebook, ha!

These are simply my thoughts.....pure and simple =)


  1. Great post. I can agree with you on both counts, on the blogging and about Facebook. I think Facebook can get out of hand sometimes but like you, I have caught up with a lot of my old friends and see what they're up too.. When I started blogging, I found that my Facebook Fingers have faded... lol..

  2. Happy 2 Year Anniversary! and I totally agree about FB...I have a love/hate relationship with it as well. I think some can read into comments entirely WAY too much and then friendships that you thought were strong all of a sudden are up in the air and questionable...all because of little string of words that someone wrote...something light and funny...or serious...just a though on their mind. I say the DRAMA should stay in high school!

  3. Happy 2 year Anniversary :)
    I love stopping by your blog and reading your newest post ! I feel like I honestly know you - we HAVE to meet someday !!! Really just to have lunch and a glass of wine and giggle !!!
    I'm not a fan of facebook -for some of the same reasons !! I have a facebook buy only with family as friends !! Too many people and issues for me to stand !!!
    ANyway Bev have a great weekend ! Love your new blog look :)