WHAT is that noisey?!

Those were Cierra's "little girl" words when she heard something that was loud or annoying. Those were my words this weekend, ha!

And the noise was.....Brooklyn!

Cierra's weekend "baby" as part of her Life Skills class. For those of you that aren't familiar, this baby has a computer chip that is linked to a sensor that Cierra had to wear on her wrist all weekend. When the baby cried, she had to determine if she was hungry or needed her diaper changed while connecting with the sensor. She definitely took the job very serious, but was pretty tired by the end of the weekend. Neither Friday or Saturday nights did she get much sleep....

evidently the baby cried a lot during the night. I did try to help out Saturday morning to no avail. I couldn't seem to calm her down at all...

Saturday was the annual Charles Town/Ranson Christmas Parade so of course Brooklyn went along for the COLD ride. She just hung out while we decorated the float -

she was really quiet so at one point and Cierra was afraid it was too cold for her. After holding her for a while, she seemed to feel better =)

During the parade route Cierra had to feed and change her. Wow. I'm thinking this was a really good exercise, what about you?

Come Monday morning she was all packed up and ready to 'go back'.

Now we just wait for the grade - I'm thinking she did pretty darn good, lol! I know we are very proud of her.

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  1. Bev,
    my daughters had to do the exact same thing their Senior year. It's a GREAT way for them to learn what it'll be like having a little one :) Glad your daughter did well, my oldest not so ! And she's the one that has the liittle one now :)
    Have a fabulous day !!!