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I'm not a political person (to say the least) but I will share that the latest news of Elizabeth Edward's passing took me a little by surprise and truly saddens me. Just a few days ago I learned that she had been battling breast cancer for 6 years and was now given just a few weeks. This morning during my 'routine' the headlines news was about her death just yesterday. Wow. Listening to four very close friends remember her, I can't help but wonder how I would be remembered. What would people say? She seemed like such a strong person, wanting to make sure everyone she left behind was ok.

I am also reading a book (more on that later) that puts things into perspective, too. There was a section that focused on children with ADHD and how important it is for parents to not only understand this condition but also learn to effectively deal with it. If the child was given a few minutes to speak at the parent's funeral, what what they say? Another hard hit.

As I sit here listening, thinking and trying to understand this thing called life I think of something just said to me this morning - you see each year as we approach our Disney trip we talk and plan of how we want our days to be spent. When it's cold, everyone is tired or just plain grumpy, I would say "ya know what?" and of course they would say "what?". My response - "right now someone is having breakfast with Mickey!". That typically gets a smile and leads into conversations about the happiest place on earth. So this morning when Chase complained of a stomach ache, was listening to me remind him of some overdue assignments, he said "you know what I thought about last night?" Of course I said "no, what?" He said that right then someone was having breakfast/lunch/dinner with Mickey! I just laughed, knowing that that will probably be something that I will definitely be remembered for, ha! And how ironic that when I got the mail this was in there....

I know I need to get caught up on the past few weeks happenings and apologize for not staying up to date but it's been a little busy around here! I hope all of you have a great day!

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  1. I was very saddened by Elizabeth Edwards passing ! I knew she was battling cancer I just didn't know how badly it had gotten:(
    I think your post is so touching! I wonder too, how would people reflect about me ! Great things to think about !