Christmas is HERE!

The decorations are up -

The trees are all lit-

The good luck spider is already hangin' out -

The sewing is done -

Crockett's tavern is festive, too -

And of course there's the "reason for the season" -

The presents are bright against the new fallen snow -

The corral is full of "blow ups" (just for Kayden, lol) -

Dinner is ready - Presents all wrapped - and DORA is patiently waiting....

Even Kayden's book is all recorded with our voices, ha!

And now comes that special time with our children. Lots of pretty paper spread all over the floor. Exchanging gifts - smiling faces - a room filled with cheer!

But wait....Kayden wants to read DORA!

And soon all tucked in bed awaitin' Santa and the birthday of one very sweet child.

Merry Christmas Eve ya'all - good night!

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