Seder Meal - Maundy Thursday

Tonight we attended a Seder meal prepared by Pastor Joanna. It was very interesting. The meal consisted of wine, unleavened bread, the shankbone of the Passover lamb, charoseth and egg as well as horseradish. We only had small portions of each (which was really good for me) but it was very inspirational to follow along in the reading which explained the meal. Chase was the youngest man so he had a 'reader' part and Cierra won a prize for finding the 'lost' bread.
We had a nice time with only a few mistakes, lol! We accidentally washed our hands in the salt water instead of the 'wash' water and ate the whole cluster of parsley instead of just a taste so we didn't have anything to make a sandwich with. We chuckled to ourselves - fun was had by all!
Again, this is just another example of how Pastor Joanna finds creative ways to celebrate Holy Week.

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