Thursday's Thoughts.....Siblings! the best

There's pros and cons that come along with having 'older' children and 'younger' children from two different marriages. Since our 'cup is half full', we tend to focus on all those great opportunities we have been blessed with.

Chase loves to fish and would stay down at the pond all night if we'd let him. He tends to find 'friends' to come over however sometimes that just doesn't work out. One evening before school started again, he didn't need to find a friend....Jeremy (the older brother) called to see if he wanted to go cat fishing, ha! Of course he did! But...it was the monthly 4H meeting. While he begged and pleaded, the monthly meetings are an important part of belonging to a club. Anyway,isn't cat fishing better at dark?! (keep in mind also that J is a complete night owl so the later the better). Chase didn't have luck catching any 'bait' so J stopped at Wal-mart to pick up some goldfish (eww) so picked up Chase around 11 (pm). They fished until nearly 1:30 a.m. and actually caught some good ones! It was pretty neat seeing Chase sit by the window waiting for his older brother to pick him up.

Also that week Cierra and Chase had orientation for their new school year. Due to some meetings at work I just couldn't work it out so Britt came to the rescue. She took Chase on Tuesday and Cierra on Wednesday. This summer she was able to spend quite a bit of time with them which worked out really good. Pretty convenient having an older sister, huh? (and they think she is pretty cool)

So as you can see, the older siblings are still an important part of Chase and Cierra's life. As they get older, it's often hard to find things to blog about that they want me to share :) but....that doesn't mean they aren't still right smack in the middle of our life!

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