HOT baseball!

After church we headed over the mountain for a double header against the Burke Bulldogs. Things didn't seem to be starting off in our favor - the air conditioning in the car wasn't quite as cool as it should have been, the ball field wasn't the easiest to find and you had to walk a country mile from the parking lot with all our 'stuff'. The umpire never showed up for the 2 o'clock game so....around 3:00 the game started with a parent of the other team calling the game. Uh oh....in 'our opinion' he blew the first two calls which put us behind. We weren't playing as well as we typically do but all in all, it was competitive baseball and ended in extra innings with a tie.

Our bats were coming around during the second game and we were able to pull it off - final score 9 - 7; Pinnacles!! All in all it was a great afternoon/evening. A little hotter than we had anticipated but everyone survived.

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