"Favorite Things" FRIDAY!

Kelly is on vacation this week so we don't have our usual "Show us your life" event for Friday. So...with that in mind, I decided to hop on the "Favorite Things Friday" carnival and share one of my favorite things!

I know this won't surprise a lot of you but how ironic is it that one of my favorite things is a Disney product, ha! Three years ago while at one of the Disney resorts a magazine was left in our room which caught my eye. While scanning quickly through the pages I saw so many really neat things that I stuck it in my bag when we checked out. (of course that's exactly what they wanted, right?!) During the "road trip" I began reading articles and was without a doubt, SOLD on this magazine. I even subscribed on-line during the trip.

I have continued to subscribe to this magazine and it is so worth it! (and alot cheaper than most magazines). I have used the ideas for Cub Scouts, Christmas teacher gifts, birthday party crafts, Sunday School, 4H, holiday dinners and other things I can't think of right now. It is full of food ideas, games, crafts and just simply one of those magazines we all need to keep on hand for a quick and easy idea to entertain or feed kids! If you aren't already subscribed, check it out on-line http://www.familyfun.com/

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