Wrapping it up....

Let's see, what did we do today? Well, we actually slept in. Everyone was really tired so we started off with brunch. Nothing beats eggs, sausage and pancakes on the grill!

After that, we headed to catch the boat then the monorail to Epcot. Our goal was to get a fastpass for Soarin' but we weren't successful. Everyone must gotten the e:mail, LOL! But, we did see some beautiful flowers (the 2009 Flower & Garden Festival was underway) and ran into Chip and Dale. They put on quite a show, trying to put Chase's shirt on and getting people in the park to fill up Cierra's bag. They were very interested in my bag, looking for snacks. Chip even took my cell phone and tried to make a call :-) We took a ride through The Seas with Nemo and Friends (makes us want to put our salt water tank back together). We had a great afternoon in Epcot then headed back to the campground. Ronnie went to pick up our new tire from Goodyear while Cierra and I did laundry and went shopping. Chase of course, was out and about with his friends.

After going to the pool for a while we stopped by the Sing-along Campfire then at Cierra's request made our final visit to Wilderness Lodge for some last minute pin trading.

No one wants to leave but all great adventures have an end. So, we'll pack in the morning then head north - another great vacation in Disney!

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