Love the Lazy River...

We hit Typhoon Lagoon today. This was our first time visiting this Disney park. It was as expected; beautiful! Completely tropical and twenty times the size of Seacrets in OC. The wave pool was so powerful it was scarey. Chase and Ronnie had lots of fun but Cierra and I ran when the wave started. When the roar souned, we were outta there!!

Cierra and I spent a lot of time in the lazy river, just floating along with water hitting us at just the perfect time :-) We did go down Gangplank Falls which was the family white water rafting adventure. Oh my, yes we got soaked!! We all liked Crush 'n Gusher which was an intense water coaster.

Chase is off playing basketball with his buddies and we're heading to the pool. Campfire starts at 7:30 then "Finding Nemo" is on the big screen.

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